And now time for the seamstresses!

Now that our sales period has finished, it is time to consolidate the orders that we have received. Just like last summer, the navy blue is at the top of the charts, but garance and vermillon are not far behind! I think each of us has her favorite colour! Personally, I'm a big fan of the vermillon, what about you?

Afterwards, it will be up to the seamstresses to manufacture your and our orders. We are very lucky to be working with Sofileta for the materials and 7 Fashion for the manufacture of our swimwear. Both companies are based in the region Rhône-Alpes where our association Complètement Femme has our headquarters.

This proximity means that our swimsuits and multi-sports bras travel only 150km during their fabrication, and we are close by to visit the factory and see the production!

Well, in the current pandemic, it's perhaps not so easy to just drop by, but I'd really like to see the manufacture of our swimwear and to be able to share some photos of the production with you! So here's hoping it's possible ... and I'll let you know!


for Complètement Femme

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